/ project of a mobile floor-to-ceiling storage

The TOP project is an attempt to create functional storage object, especially for small apartments. It has become noticeable that rarely do people harness ceiling for storage purposes. Presented object is an example of floor-to-ceiling furniture, which wisely and functionally uses space below the ceiling.

sonia_bąk_TOP_1sonia_bąk_TOP_2DSC_0515 copy

The main construction consists of a few aluminium tubes stretched between two surfaces: floor and ceiling. A mobile round shelf is a place for one’s belongings. There is a special trochlear system applied, which enables platform to move up and down. While moving the platform up to the ceiling, we gain much more utility space at the apartment.

DSC_0349 copysonia_bąk_TOP_3dsc_0530adsc_0522adsc_0286-copydsc_0261-copy