/ MA degree project

Collection of three fully functional objects for offices, which support acoustic conditions within the interior. The lamp, floor screen and pendant panel are remarkably useful products, especially in open-plan offices, as they allow to arrange and divide space in an arbitrary way. Moreover, together they improve the acoustic absorbency of a particular room.

The lamp consists of two lamp shades – first made out of metal with light fixture and the second one, much bigger absorbs sound. Perforated HDF board and woolen nonwoven fiber are the main filling of the second lamp shade. This composition of materials gives the lamp acoustic properties.

The pendant panel is also designed to divide the space, especially the workstations. Inside the panel, there is a double layer of coconut pad, which indicates acoustic properties. It absorbs the sound, but it also has ventilating and anti-allergic properties.

The floor screen provides a bit of privacy in an open space office, it allows us to arrange own workplace or more intimate space. The floor screen is composed of dozens of columns filled with eco fiber and woolen cover.

The floor screen has a very diversified surface (it reminds accordion by a form) and that is why it diffuses sound very well. The sound bounces off that hard and diversified surface to diffuse partly afterward.

photographs by: Szymon Makuch