A project of a dining table with a set of eight table accessories, which are an integral part of the table. This cohesive collection of simple objects are designed to complement the table with some functional and interesting elements. This project redefines the surface of a table, meaningfully referring to our needs, habits and table manners.

My observations of people’s table manners and various habits were the main motivation to deal with a subject of table – the most common piece of furniture, we spend a lot of our time at, sitting, eating, preparing food. All those activities have their own order, sequence, continuity and they represent certain logic.

I have noticed that some of our gestures and rituals are rarely reflected in objects we usually use while eating at the table. Likewise, the table’s architecture itself could be more functional and convenient for users.

All accessories have been carefully selected and arranged on the table, remaining the usable areas intact and free. When equipped with these helpful elements (sugar-bowl, cake stand, pot stand, napkin holder and few more) the table is suitable for any occasion and satisfies our needs.

Element 1: Glass vessel in the center part of the table could be either the vase for flowers or the carafe. Simple shape was intended to give a more convenient hold.

Element 2: Round, rock-solid pot stand made out of granite. Again very simple and circular form corresponds well with the rest of the collection.

Element 3: Set of four cutlery stands refers to old, elegant accessories for cutlery. I wanted to bring that tradition back in a modern way. Simple, geometrical shapes make stands conveniently portable.

Element 4: Two glass vessels for liquid spices – one for olive oil and the other for vinegar.

Element 5: Brass, conical shape sugar bowl.

Element 6: Cake stand consists of three elements: brass tray and wooden cone with a closure. It is easy to disassemble it and clean up when needed.

Element 7 & 8: Cloth hanger and napkin holder.

Bon Ton project of a dining table with integral accessories shows a different attitude to a classic piece of furniture.